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Aloha From BodyboardersHawaii!

In order to consolidate our time and efforts, and to be able to share with the largest group possible in the most efficient and productive way, we’re going My Space!

We’re gonna do updates at least weekly. Kinda like an online ‘zine. With the North Shore starting to wake up over here, hopefully there will be a lot of action and interesting things for us to share with you from Hawaii. I”m new to My Space so I don’t know yet what the limitations or capacity is, but I will do my best with it. Still lot’s of things to figure out.As we get things going, we’ll be hooking up with people from different areas of the world who can/want to contribute stories, photos and an occasional vid clip on a once a month basis, or more if there’s something of significant interest going on, for front page features or blogs. Please keep in mind that we will not do anything to interfere with the mission of the BB mags or the DVD producers, so keep your best stuff for them. They pay you!! We’ll make use of the stuff they don’t want and that you would like to share. We just see a real need/benefit for the bodyboarding community to have access to what’s happening out there on a more current time table and in a user friendly format.

I’ve been told that BodyboardersHawaii has grown and is in a position to serve as somewhat of a centralized conduit, and that it is time to try and do that on whatever level we are able to. There’s a Hawaiian chant that goes through my mind when I need to get motivated. “Eh ku mau mau”. It speaks of the community gathering together when it is time to do something that can’t be done alone. So……wadda ya say we rock it in My Space!

TO THE EDITOR: mililaniguy aka Kawika

By the way, I’m starting to get asked by people up here about BodyBoardersHawaii. I have the stickers on my car window. My sister was visiting me the other week too, and she loves the logo, stickers, etc… She was wondering if she could buy them from you. She has been sponging on and off for the past 2 years now, and she loves it. She has a cool BMW Mini that would look sick with that logo on it.

Which gets me to my next point. Have you ever thought about capitalizing on your brand name? I think it has gotten enough traction to reach a tipping point of sorts. I just say this because it would be really good to have a source of cash flow that you could use to help fund the BBH travel/sponsor fund. Maybe that sounds like selling out, but, I think it could be better for all of your riders and the work you do, if you could have a sustainable fund to use.

Dear Kawika:

^^^ Good stuff. Jordan and many others have been bending my ear about it. You’re right. The broader the base becomes, the more it cost’s to support it and BBH has pretty much reached it’s funding limit. For every $1,000 we spent we got $10 coming in cause that’s the way I wanted to do it. I’ll work on it and thanks for talking about it in a way that put’s it in a positive perspective.