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WHAT: T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline Pro presented by Tony Volkswagon at the Tony Group Autoplex
WHEN: Waiting period, March 1 – 14, 2006 [held on best two – three days].
WHERE: PIPELINE surf break, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore, Oahu.
WHO: Approximately 110 of the best female surfers and bodyboarders will take on Pipeline.
CONTEST SANCTIONING: Association of Surfing Professionals and International Bodyboarding Association regional competition.

North Shore, HAWAII – A dramatic end the the women’s bodyboarding final at this years T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline Pro Championship titles when a 7-foot shark swam into the line up during the last heat of the day. As a result, officials were unable to complete the bodyboarding final. The four bodyboarding finalist, Japan’s Aoi Koike and Moe Watanabe as well as Australia’s Mandy Zieren and Lilly Pollard unanimously decided to equally split the prize purse to get $750 each.”I’m so happy that we were able to put on this contest here at Pipeline for the girls,” says contest director Betty Depolito. “We didn’t have the most ideal conditions this year, but the girls did the best they could with what mother nature gave them and we all had a lot of fun!”

Bodyboarder Monica Dell’Amore from California received the contest’s Aloha Award and surfer Coral Gonzalves was honored with this year’s Rookie of the Year award.

In other divisions, Nicola Atheron is this year’s T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline Pro Shortboard Champion. “To come to Hawaii and come out on top of such a stacked contest of talented women is amazing!” said Atherton. The 19-year old Australian scored the only perfect 10 wave of the contest in earlier heats. “I think this type of wave is good for my type of surfing,” said Atherton. Hawaii was well-represented in the shortboard division with local phenomenon, Carissa Moore placing second and Paige Alms in third.

Tony Volkswagon team rider, Leah Dawson conquered the longboard division. “It’s such an unbelievable feeling,” said Dawson. A competitor in both shortboard and longboard divisions, it was Dawson’s noseriding style that impressed the judges. “I just keep working hard out there,” claim Dawson, “and it pays off!”



Round of 32

Heat #1: Mandy Zieren (AUS), Atsuko Nakano (JPN), Geraldine Gogin (PERU), Christine Donovan (USA)

Heat #2: Linda Molina (CHILE), Claudia Ferrari (HAW), Alessandra Kagaya (BRZL), Yumi Kochi (JPN)

Heat #3: Aoi Koike (JPN), Chingusa Nishiyama (JPN), Noriko Kawagoe (JPN), Leila Alli (BRZL)

Heat #4: Emma Roby (AUS), Chingusa Nishiyama (JPN), Monica Dell’Amore (USA), Delori Manus (HAW)

Heat #5: Catarina Souza (PORT), Emiko Mizoguchi (JPN), Yoko Saeki (JPN), Yumi Yamashita (JPN)

Heat #6: Lumar Guittard (VENZ), Chiaki Okuyama (JPN), Jenn Marr (HAW), Juliana Freitas (BRZL)

Heat #7: Lilly Pollard (AUS), Michiko Mizoguchi (JPN), Moe Watanabe (JPN), Kayoko Takano (JPN)

Heat #8: Carolina Casemiro (BRZL), Teresa Duarte (PORT), Emilia Perry (HAW), Lindsey Yasui (HAW)


Quarterfinal #1: Geraldine Gogin (PERU), Mandy Zieren (AUS), Claudia Ferrari (HAW), Yumi Kochi (JPN)

Quarterfinal #2: Aoi Koike (JPN), Noriko Kawagoe (JPN), Chingusa Nishiyama (JPN), Delori Manus (HAW)

Quarterfinal #3: Catarina Souza (PORT), Emiko Mizoguchi (JPN), Chiaki Okuyama (JPN), Juliana Freitas (BRZL)

Quarterfinal #4: Lilly Pollard (AUS), Moe Watanabe (JPN), Emilia Perry (HAW), Carolina Casemiro (BRZL)


Semifinal #1: Claudia Ferrari (HAW), Mandy Zieren (AUS), Aoi Koike (JPN), Delori Manus (HAW)

Semifinal #2: Chiaki Okuyama (JPN), Catarina Souza (PORT), Lilly Pollard (AUS), Moe Watanabe (JPN)


Due to the shark sighting the women’s bodyboarding final was unable to finish.

The following girls decided to equally split the total prize purse of $ ($1,000 of this prize money was donated by Don & Josie Over Fund):

Aoi Koike (JPN), Mandy Zieren (AUS), Lilly Pollard (AUS), Moe Watanabe (JPN)