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Ocean Rhythms

Ocean Rhythms

Ocean RhythmsOcean Rhythms-Steve Core

A friend Steve Core a surf photography legend dropped into our surf shop and left a few copies of his truly classic movie ‘Ocean Rhythms’.
Ocean Rhythms has incredible vintage footage of the unique styles of many world class surfers of the day including MP, Rabbit, Mark Richards and P.T in their primes. And features memorable footage of Terry Richardson, Col Smith, Ian Cairns and Peter Crawford all innovators of the surfing world in the 70’s.

This movie is definitely a must have, if it was a book it would take pride position on my coffee table. If you are from this era, like I am, you will appreciate the surfboards and surfers and those cute boardshorts we all used to wear. If you are not you will appreciate the pure stoke of the early Australian pioneers in surfing.

If you are thinking about watching Bustin’ Down the Door, watch Ocean Rhythms first as it documents the period prior to where BDTD comes in.

Ocean rhythms was shot on 16mm film 35 years ago and has now been digitally remastered into DVD format.

In 1975 Tracks Magazine said this about Ocean Rhythms: For once a surf-film maker has given an audience what they have been wanting; an honest in-depth surfer’s movie featuring Australia’s best surfers on their favorite home breaks.

Definitely value this one, as there is a variety of surfers and great surf breaks, filmed from unreal positions, as well as photographically stimulating approaches to keep you hanging on the edge of your seat.

Producer of Searching For Michael Peterson, Jolyon Hoff says;
“Ocean Rhythms is simply the best surfing footage from the seventies, featuring Michael Peterson, Peter Townend, Rabbit and many others.”

Former 1976 World Champion Peter Townend says:“My mate Steve Core’s Ocean Rhythms is like the classic ‘lost tapes’, the last epic MP footage at the height of his powers, if you weren’t in a seventies’ theatre or community hall then you missed it!”

Below is a part of the original review published in TRACKS in 1975 written by the one and only Martin Tullemans

“Ocean Rhythms is not only a current up to date look at hot radical surfing – it is a refreshingly entertaining surf movie: something very different from the stereotyped overseas formula for a surf flick. Certainly
it is not as slick; without the mandatory Pipeline water footage and other effects which we have been accustomed to from the Hollywood of surf footage: Hawaii.

It largely owes its popularity to the fact that it is about Australian surfers surfing their own waves and ripping them. You can’t help but get the feeling that was expounded years ago; that we’re tops now!

For once a surf film maker has given an audience what they have been wanting; an honest in depth surfer’s movie featuring Australia’s best surfers on their favourite home surf breaks.”

Ocean RhythmsOcean Rhythms-Steve Core

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