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Bustin’ Down the Door

Bustin’ Down the Door

Bustin Down the Door surf movie
Bustin’ Down the Door

The surfing documentary “Bustin’ Down the Door” focuses on the Australian and South African surfers that pioneered pro surfing back in the 1970s. It is a true and candid story of how the early pioneers of modern day surfing made the almost impossible climb to the top.

If you are a surfer you will love this movie, if you don’t surf…..You will love this surf movie 🙂

I have watched this movie many times and would recommend it as one for the collection…..Definitely a keeper as far as surf movies go!

Filled with beautiful original footage as well as open, honest, and sometimes emotional interviews, the movie successfully conveys the challenges that Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards, Peter Townend, Ian Cairns, Wayne “Rabbit”
Bartholomew, and Michael Tomson faced in their quest to bring surfing to a worldwide, professional level.

Overall the movie is well worth watching and is not your typical surf movie as it deals with much more than just the sport. Having met people from this era and starting surfing in the early seventies I found this surf movie to be a great collection of the early years of surfing and a great tribute to the legends who took the stoke of surfing to the next level..

Learn about the lives of each surfer and what drove them to go to the North Shore of Oahu at the advent of pro surfing. One surprising yet refreshing aspect the filmmakers included was the conflict the surfers faced with native Hawaiians.

By presenting each viewpoint in a balanced yet frank fashion, we become witness to how the situation escalated to a point where neither side was right and where each had lessons to learn about respect, humility, and the true meaning of Aloha.

This film can easily be watched and enjoyed by anyone even if they aren’t involved with the sport. The surfing is awesome – of course – but the depth at which the filmmakers explore the athlete’s personal lives as well as the inclusion of the historical background of the Hawaiian people relative to surfing make this movie satisfying to watch on many levels.

You can buy this surf movie online here Bustin Down the Door surf movie
Bustin’ Down the Door

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