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Khao Lak Surfing Contest

Khao Lak Surfing Contest

Pakarang Beach
Khao Lak, Thailand
26 – 28 April 2014

What is the Khao Lak Surfing Contest?
The Khao Lak Surfing Contest is the first surfing contest on the mainland of Thailand.
The contest aims to promote surfing to the local community, help unite surfers
throughout Thailand and bring excitement and enjoyment to all who come.Why a Khao Lak Surfing Contest?
Khao Lak has the most consistent surf in Thailand! Recently surfing has become
popular and in keeping with Khao Lak, the surf community is relaxed and friendly.

Whoʼs running this?
The contest is organized by the Khao Lak Surfing Club, who exist to promote a positive
surfing culture in Khao Lak. For more information message us on the Facebook page @
Khao Lak Surfing Contest or contact the clubʼs committee:

Montree Na Takuatung “Ching”

Taweeroj Eawphanich “Tah”

Matt Blauer

This is just the beginnng. We hope you join us. Thank you!