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NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro

Day 3 2011 NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro Press Release.
Posted on December 9, 2011

Six times world champion, Brazilian Guilherme Tamega, went over to his long time adversary and gave him a long hug. Mike Stewart, the nine times world champion from Hawaii, has competed at the highest level of bodyboarding since the early 90s, lost two heats in a row and, as a consequence, did not requalify for next year’s world tour. It’s the first time in modern bodyboarding the world’s best bodyboarders will not be competing against the man who invented half the moves in their repertoires.

Eight hours of bodyboarding, ten minutes of 100% highlights, Guilherme Tamega no longer a world title contender, the legend of bodyboarding does not requalify for next year’s tour. A ten-point ride. 16 heats. The 2011 NMD-Pride-Stealth Fronton Pro was an historical day.Everyone watched his wave and cheered as he back-flipped out of the deep barrel he pulled into, world title contender, Australian Ryan Hardy, got up dropknee and saluted the crowd. He received the first ten of the event and won all three of his heats leaderboard rounds.

A lost flipper and a last place in his second heat combined with a second in his first meant Dallas Singer had to win his third round heat to make the top 16 cut off. He pulled off the second highest scoring heat of the day, landing two large rib-busting inverts and made the cut.

Diego Cabrera, from the Canary Islands, had not made the top 16 cut off all year until today. He needs to make the semi-finals to push Michael Novy out of 16th spot and requalify for next year’s tour.

Hawaiian Jeff Hubbard could win his third world title tomorrow, if Pierre-Louis Costes and Ryan Hardy do not win their fourth round heats. Hardy cannot win a world title if Hubbard makes the semi-finals, nor can Costes if he and Hubbard are in the final together. The Hawaiian takes on international wildcard, Jason Finaly, in the first heat of the day.

One round of competition is scheduled for tomorrow, December 9th. All riders are to check in at 07h30 local time for a possible 08h00 start. Conditions are supposed to be the same as they were today.