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Start-Up Surfboard Fin Biz Goes International

Start-Up Surfboard Fin Biz Goes International

Start-Up Surfboard Fin Biz Goes International

Santa Cruz, California USA – September 30, 20011 Jett Fin Co. is the creative brainchild of native Californian Jerry Jett. A lifelong surfer, Jerry has spent his career as a woodworker and graphic artist. This dynamic combination has lead him to create distinctly unique fins that are beautiful and practical. When asked where he gets the inspiration for his fluid designs, Jerry said, “I am influenced by nature – the sun, wind, and ocean.”While residing in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Jerry first had the idea for his artfully crafted surfboard fins,  A friend, who owned a sawmill, was working with beautiful woods, including maple, oak,walnut, and there were many leftover sizable pieces, Jerry just knew he could put these to good use. That is when he began working on his wooden core designs. The former fiberglass workers in rural Arkansas were not properly equipped for what Jerry had in mind.

Fortunately, Jerry found himself back in California a year later, and was able to resurrect his dream of creating beautiful fins. Through perseverance, he was able to find a company to help him realize his dream, and is now providing his uniquely designed fins for numerous surf shops throughout California, and internationally for Riley Balsa Wood Surfboard, Australia.

Jett Fins are made using tried and true foiling dynamics that guarantee your surfing pleasure with style, and are available in the three most popular shapes: Classic Long Rake, Pivot and El Gato. Only local, sustainable woods are used for the core.

For further information, please contact:
Jerry Jett