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Storm Surfers: New Zealand Showcases Big Wave Surfing Legends Facing the Ultimate Challenge

The latest in the series of the acclaimed [url=]Storm Surfers TV[/url] documentaries takes two times World Champion surfer Tom Carroll and world renowned big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones to a remote corner of New Zealand. This epic adventure, airing on the Discovery Channel, July 14, 2010, follows the duo as they face almost insurmountable odds on land and in the sea.Using state-of-the-art GPS devices and satellite storm tracking technology, meteorologist and surf forecaster Ben Matson helps the Storm Surfers find what they’re looking for – the world’s biggest waves in the most challenging conditions. After several hair-raising adventures, they finally achieve their goal in remote Fiordland, an uninhabited region in New Zealand’s far south.

After a 44 kilometer (27 miles) Jet Ski trek down the stunningly beautiful but frigid Cascade River, the surfers, camera crew and support team finally reach their destination. All the action is captured in brilliant HD from the air and the water as Tom and Ross face ice cold water, freezing squalls, brutal hailstones and some of the most dangerous surf conditions of their careers.

Nature almost did not cooperate with the Storm Surfers and only came through with the waves at the last minute. After their initial disappointment, Tom Carroll commented: “We’ll get more swell. That’s just the beauty of Mother Nature. She’ll turn up again.” Tom was right. Just when all seemed lost, she delivered more than what they bargained for.

When asked why they risked their lives to discover and ride the biggest waves in the world, big wave surfing pioneer, Ross Clarke-Jones joked, “Because we get off on it!” Later, in a more philosophical moment, he added, “When you are closest to death is when you feel most alive.”

Storm Surfers: New Zealand is also a web event where audiences can follow Tom and Ross as they chase waves around New Zealand. Visit [url=][/url] for sneak previews and special offers ahead of the World Premier on the Discovery Channel, July 14, 2010. For regular updates, follow the Storm Surfers crew on [url=]Facebook[/url].