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Thailand joins the 2010 PKRA Word Tour-Kite Surfing

Thailand joins the 2010 PKRA Word Tour, just 4 days after the official tour schedule was posted.

Thailand will open up the season with a Grand Slam event consisting of Freestyle, Course Racing, and Best Trick disciplines. The event to be the first professional kiteboarding event in Asia in the history of the sport, promises to be a new beginning for the sport in the region, as it is expected to attract all the top riders in the world for an exceptional display of kiteboarding in Thailand.

Location : [url=]Intercontinental Hua Hin,thailand[/url]

Registration : Online registration fee for this event is $105.00 and it is due by Mar-10-2010. Late registration or onsite registration will incurr a $25.00 late fee.The event will be held in Hua Hin Thailand, which is 3 hours driving time south of Bangkok International Airport. Registration will be on Sunday March 14th and the event will be from Monday March 15th till Saturday March 20th.

In Addition to the PKRA Grand Slam event there will be a regional qualifier event which will be offering direct wildcard entries into the PKRA freestyle main event. Registration for this event will be on the 11th of May and competition will be from May 12- 14.

Organizers :
KIteboarding Asia

Sponsors :
Coming Soon

Prize Money : $50,000

Dates : Mar-15-2010 — Mar-20-2010

Past Champs :
New Event

Disciplines : Freestyle, Race

How to get there :
Fly to Bangkok international airport.

Then 3 hours drive SW on the coast to the town of HUA HIN

How to get there from the closest Airport: Bangkok international airport- take a taxi or a bus to the town of hua hin.

Shuttle information coming soon.

Accomodations :
Coming Soon

Water Conditions :
Flat Water. No wetsuit needed.

Wind Conditions :
Thermal wind. 10 to 20 knots over the month of March.

Most used Kite Size 12 meter.