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The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

THE 2013 ISA WORLD MASTERS SURFING CHAMPIONSHIP IN ECUADOR An aerial view of the contest site and the perfect waves in Montañita. Photo: Raul Guerra The Right-Hand Point Break of Montañita Showed Its True Potential The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship kicked off with excellent

Hawiian Team Makes 2 years in a Row

During an epic day of amazing waves and tremendous surfing performances, the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship officially closed. The waves were incredible throughout the Finals. The morning heats saw glassy surf in the 6-8 feet range at the perfect right hand point-break in

Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

Team Hawaii´s Barrel-Riding Ability Leads to Gold and the Eduardo Arena Trophy at the Nicaragua ISA World Masters Magnum Martinez raced his way through picture perfect barrels in the finals and winning the first ever ISA Gold Medal for Venezuela. Photo: ISA/Rommel González Driven by